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January 5, 2008

You May Be On To Something

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Gazprom is throwing a hissy fit over proposed EU energy policies. That suggests that the Europeans are onto something, so should keep it up.

But Gazprom–speaking through deputy board chairman Alexander Medvedev–is playing the divide and conquer card again: “‘We know that these measures provoke various responses in Europe. They have opponents – France and Germany,’ Medvedev underlined. ”

I’ll say again: the EU talks a good game on unity, and common policy, and its ambitions to be a world power, but its lofty words are revealed to be mere pretense by its repeated failures to devise–and implement–a unified response to Gazprom’s machinations. Unless and until Europe plays hardball–as a team–against Gazprom, it will see its energy security erode dangerously. Gazprom is making loud noises and threatening disaggregation to get its way. Now is the time–no, it is well past time–for Europe to get its act together and stand up to these threats.

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