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November 21, 2008

Who You Gonna Call?

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Whenever oil prices move a lot, I field a lot of calls from reporters. Oil prices plummeted yesterday, so I was interviewed by NPR (Morning Edition) and for local Houston TV news. So for today’s listening and/or viewing pleasure (and I use that term advisedly):

Here’s the link to the NPR piece. Here’s the Houston Channel 2 10PM News piece (there’s a video link to the right.)

The Houston reporter mis-spelled my name as “Perron.” Hey, lose an “r” and marry a scheming blonde, and maybe I can become dictator of Argentina!

Another funny thing about the Houston interview. We did it in front of my place at around 615 PM, so it was dark. I was staring into a bright light, making me feel like I was being given the third degree in an old film noire. A neighbor drove by, and seeing the TV truck and presumably thinking that local news was covering a murder or something, shouted to the reporter (Daniella Guzman)–“What happened? Anything the matter?” Daniella responded: “Just interviewing your neighbor, who is an expert on oil prices.” To which I added–“Well, I play one on TV.” Always wanted to use that line.

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