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December 23, 2007

Welcome Back

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Dr. Roger Pielke has resumed his excellent Climate Science blog. It is particularly refreshing in the aftermath of all the Bali-hooey to read succinct commentary from someone who recognizes that the science is almost never settled, and hence keeps his mind open to all the evidence. His recent posts on the lack of evidence that water vapor in the atmosphere is increasing (as the climate models predict it should) are particularly illuminating. The positive feedback from water vapor is where the real temperature increasing action in the climate models comes from; the absence of parallel increases in water vapor and temperature is inconsistent with the predictions of these models. In real science, this is called “rejecting the hypothesis.” In global warming “science” this is called an inconvenient truth that shall not be spoken of.

Anyways, it is good to see that Dr. Pielke recognized the importance of his voice and his viewpoint, and is using the forum of his blog to continue to disseminate his science-grounded approach to a broad audience.

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