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February 1, 2014

Ukraine: Echoes of the 1991 Putsch Against Gorbachev?

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A couple of follow-ups regarding Ukraine.

First, Yanukovych called in sick on Thursday, allegedly suffering from a respiratory ailment.  There were reports that he looked really bad when he came to the Rada to browbeat wavering Party of Regions deputies into voting for his faux amnesty bill.  This was widely considered to be a delaying tactic, although he did eventually sign the legislation repealing the anti-protestor laws.  Now there are rumors that he has been moved to intensive care (h/t @libertylynx).

My initial thought upon hearing news of his illness is that a coup is in process.  Remember that in the 1991 coup against Gorbachev in the USSR, the putsch plotters announced that the USSR’s president and the CPSU Party Secretary had been forced to step down due to serious illness.  The current situation with Yanukovych echoes this.  Have little doubt who is in control of him.  I would actually imagine that it suits Putin’s interest that Yanukovych remain in office and under control: removing him altogether would create complications.  By having him remain president, but effectively quarantined, he can play Charlie McCarthy while Putin plays Edgar Bergen.  If Yanukovych remains out of sight, the logical conclusion is that Putin has taken direct control of what is going on in Ukraine.

Second.  Follow the comments, including comments on older posts on Ukraine.  Commenter elmer is providing valuable information, including first person accounts that he is receiving from people in country.

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  1. Khrushchev was also deposed when he was away on holiday recuperating from an illness. It’s a theme in Russia all right.

    Comment by Tim Newman — February 5, 2014 @ 10:01 am

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