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May 17, 2018

Today’s Adventures in Trumpland

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The WSJ reports that the Trump administration has told Germany that the US would restart talks on a trade deal with Europe if Germany pulls the plug on support for the Gazprom-led Nord Stream project.  I find the linkage rather odd, but we’re talking the Trump administration here, and moreover, it may well be a brushback pitch after all of the German-led Eurowhining about the US: “Think it’s bad now? Let’s see what it’s like when I put my mind to it.”

One EU official responded as follows:

“Trump’s strategy seems to be to force us to buy their more expensive gas, but as long as LNG is not competitive, Europe will not agree to some sort of racket and pay extortionate prices,” an EU official said.

I could perhaps take this seriously, were it not for the fact that Germany forces its own citizens to pay “extortionate prices” for power produced by outrageously uncompetitive means as a result of its idiotic energiewende policy.

How extortionate? How uncompetitive? The article claims that US LNG would cost about 20 percent more than Russian gas.  Well, Germans pay approximately 50 percent more for power than the average across the EU, and EU-wide average prices are about double the US average.

In other words, Europe has its own energy extortion racket in place, and doesn’t want to let in any Americans.

The other interesting aspect to this story is that it is yet another example (I’ve lost count of the number) of the alleged Putin pawn Trump taking a major shot at the Russians.  The Russians are not pleased:

The Kremlin shot back immediately as spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the U.S. efforts “a crude effort to hinder an international energy project that has an important role in energy security.”

“The Americans are simply trying crudely to promote their own gas producers,” he said.

All I can say is that if Trump was bought, he sure as hell didn’t stay bought.  Not that any of those who have invested their entire being in the Trump-Russia collusion narrative will bother to notice.

Speaking of the obsessed and delusional, yesterday represented an all time low in the dishonesty of the inveterate Trump haters.  In a meeting with law enforcement officers, Trump called members of the brutal Salvadoran gang MS-13 “animals,” but the media and many politicians widely asserted that he was referring to immigrants as a whole.  If you read the transcript, it is clear that only someone who is deeply and deliberately dishonest could make such an assertion.

The fallback position of these reprobates is that well, MS-13 members are people too, so it is wrong to call them animals.

All right, if that’s what you think–prove it.  Invite a few to move in with you, and you can discuss the nuances of “kill, rape, and control” (“mata, viola, controla“) which just so happens to be the MS-13 motto. (Some say that “rob” is part of the motto too.)  If you’re real nice, they just might honor your request not to bring those icky guns into your house, and will just bring their machetes instead.  After a few verses of Kumbaya, I’m sure that your common humanity will shine through, along with some light illuminating the hole in your neck where your head used to be.

Of course, that will never happen.  Those who are preening and posing would never dare even enter the neighborhoods where MS-13 and similar gangs operate, let alone invite them into their houses.

Further: by defending these beasts, our better thans are condemning decent and innocent people whom they claim to care about to their depredations.

This is the worst kind of moral posing by the worst kind of poseurs.  These are twisted partisan hacks pretending to be moral titans. To let their rank partisanship utterly blind them to the reality of evil, and to ignore those who will have to suffer from that evil, is appalling beyond words.

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  1. Add to that the “blocking statute” against US Iran sanctions that Juncker announced after returning from Trier, where he opened a Karl Marx monument, and suddenly Trump seems like the smart one in this loony bin.

    Comment by Ivan — May 19, 2018 @ 11:50 am

  2. @Ivan:

    Q: Who’s drunker than Juncker?
    A: That’s a trick question: it’s obviously humanly impossible.

    Seriously, he is a laughing stock in Europe because he is totally schnockered by 3PM daily.

    The blocking statute thing is good for a laugh, because it was created before the US changed its sanction law to permit secondary sanctions, which means that US could hammer Total, say, by denying it access to USD loans or the US banking system even if it transacted with Iran solely in Euros or gold or Zimbabwean dollars.

    European companies have made it clear that they will not risk that. And if I understand the “logic” of the blocking statute, it means that if a European company declines to risk execution by a US Treasury firing squad, the EU will punish it. If the punishment is less than execution, European companies will not deal with Iran–better to take the smaller European punishment. If the punishment is execution, it is absurd. I further note that it is utterly incredible (for political reasons) for Europe to threaten to impose a greater punishment on a European firm than the US will, not to mention that for similar reasons it fails to understand that the US has escalation dominance.

    The ProfessorComment by The Professor — May 19, 2018 @ 8:22 pm

  3. “If the punishment is execution, it is absurd.”

    Well, Putin did “countersanction” the West by prohibiting his serfs to eat, and Juncker did claim himself to be old friends with Putin recently. So absurd is logical these days.

    Comment by Ivan — May 20, 2018 @ 4:07 am

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