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November 2, 2020

The Left/Deep State Axis v. Trump: The Easiest Choice in the World If You Love Liberty (and America)

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Tomorrow is, of course, election day. I have no firm predictions about the outcome, due primarily to the unprecedented lack of reliable information in an alleged information age. This being due to the hyperpartisanship of the media, and the social media prisms through which its content is refracted–or blocked. This also pertains to the polls. National polls are next to useless in the Electoral College system. Moreover, many polls seem more like partisan information operations: remember pollsters have many degrees of freedom to twiddle with to produce pretty much any conclusion they wish. And if you think they wish a Donald Trump victory, Google “rehab.”

The election is a pivotal one. “Most important of my lifetime” seems to be a phrase uttered every election, but I think that is true rather than a truism today. A left-Deep State axis is pitted against its nemesis, Donald Trump. The vision of the left-Deep State axis is profoundly opposed to what I believe in, and to the pre-progressive political values that I champion. It is viciously anti-freedom–particularly anti-freedom of speech and thought, but also anti-freedom of contract and association. Its giddy embrace of myriad coercive powers during the covid panicdemic presents a frightening glimpse behind the mask. I value liberty first and foremost. So I zealously oppose them, because they are enemies of liberty.

Trump is reputed to be an authoritarian. Yes, he exhibits the bombast of the stereotypical jefe, but many of his policies have focused on reducing state power, especially in the realm of economic regulation. Moreover, myriad malign governors (and lesser lights such as county judges, as in Houston) have demonstrated, covid has presented the perfect pretext for the seizure of untrammeled executive power, without legislative or judicial check. Yet the alleged authoritarian Trump conspicuously failed to do so. Curious thing for an authoritarian to do, ain’t it?

Trump has also been castigated as a warmonger–another feature characteristic of authoritarian rulers. But he is the only president in my lifetime who didn’t start a war, and has been assiduously attempting to reduce America’s military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq–against the vehement protests and obstruction of the Deep State part of the axis. He conspicuously limited US involvement in Syria. Again–weirdest warmonger I’ve ever seen.

I’m not much for giving presidents too much credit or blame for the performance of the economy during their time in office, but growth in the pre-covid Trump years defied the sneering prognostications of Obama and his minions. Further, that growth did well by minorities and middle-to-low income workers.

And I guarantee you that a left-Deep State win would crush future growth prospects.

The jury is still out on trade policy. Abstracting from strategic gamesmanship, I oppose protectionism. But one can’t abstract from that here, especially with respect to China. Free trade is a very powerful theory, and which is a good guide to policy in most circumstances. But I always keep the phrase “died of a theory” in mind.

Trump has also recognized the geopolitical and ideological threat posed by China, and responded accordingly–and promisingly. He is reorienting the US military away from regional “small wars” (small, but not cheap) towards peer competition with global rivals, most notably China. Interestingly, he has waged asymmetric warfare against China. The campaign against Huawei, for example, has been clever, creative, and highly effective.

And he did this despite (a) having virtually no reliable cadre of subordinates to rely on (and indeed, having to “rely on” a cadre of slithering Beltway snakes who routinely sunk their fangs into him), (b) facing the inveterate hostility of the bureaucracy/Deep State, and its media handmaidens, and (c) confronting an unending onslaught of slanderous allegations and investigations, culminating in a farcical impeachment. Most men would have crumbled. Instead, he raged. Yes, the rage was sometimes uncomfortable to witness, but I can understand it. And I am reminded of the phrase: “I can’t spare this man. He fights!”

Of course he made mistakes, and some pretty bad ones. But that can be said of any president. Given the hand he was dealt, and the crooked dealers in the game, he has played it very well.

His opponent, Joe Biden, is a husk of a man. His mental unfitness for the job is manifest, and becomes more so by the day. Even a languorous campaign schedule clearly taxed him beyond his limits. Some of his appearances over the weekend were beyond farcical. Like when Obama had to call him to the stage three times; and after he had finished speaking, had to lead him off the stage like I used to shepherd my stroke-stricken father. Or when he said: “Hello, Minnesota!” When he was in Florida. Florida. Who the hell mistakes Florida for Minnesota?

But maybe a mentally unfit Joe Biden is an improvement on the original. The revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop, and his former business partner, make it abundantly clear that Joe Biden in full control of his faculties is an exceptionally corrupt man. Hunter’s utter depravity provides overwhelming circumstantial evidence of Joe’s corruption: but for his ability to secure Joe’s influence, such a wreck of a man was unemployable, let alone capable of attracting billions of dollars in investments.

And more than circumstantial evidence exists. That as yet unrefuted documents found on Hunter’s computer (that it is his also undisputed), and the extensive statements of the former partner, point directly to Biden Sr.’s selling influence and access. (A neighbor in Houston has a huge sign on his fence facing Westpark: “10 Percent For the Big Guy.”)

Of course, the media has done yeoman work in suppressing this story, even playing along with the farcical “it’s Russian disinformation” bullshit. Bullshit that is so transparently bullshit that it does not warrant wasting pixels on, let alone my precious time.

If Biden does win, what stories that the media is spiking now will emerge?

And maybe that’s the plan. Hide in the husk that is Joe Biden, win election, then dispose of him via scandal or the 25th Amendment, so that the left-Deep State axis can assume power, by false and deceptive means.

My gravest fear right now is civil unrest. It is not exaggeration to say that the nation is in a pre-revolutionary state. Many scenarios come to mind.

It is almost certain that whatever the outcome tomorrow, or in the days following, that the loser will contest the result. The left’s paramilitaries have already announced their plans for violence in the event that Trump declares victory–and prudent business people and shopkeepers in urban locations (ruled by leftists, ironically) are taking the precaution of boarding up their businesses.

A possible scenario is something along the lines of the 1876 election, in which the Democrat won a national popular majority, but the votes in two states were contested. That took months to resolve, and that resolution was deeply unsatisfactory, resulting in a cruel bargain in which African Americans in the ex-Confederacy were sacrificed.

Although febrile, that episode was largely peaceful. I doubt a months-long election dispute in the US would be peaceful in 2020-21. What corrupt bargain awaits us in December or January? What social explosion might that bargain spark?

Another scenario that could lead to massive unrest, albeit somewhat delayed–a disposal of Biden after an indecently short interval, which would reveal the election to be a fraud. This is a dark horse to bet on. Or is it a pale one?

The left-Deep State axis represents the most dire internal threat that the Republic has faced, with the exception of the Confederacy–and even that is a close call. In the battle against this axis, conventional politicians, and conventional politics, would have caved. Trump is not a conventional politician, and he hasn’t caved. Despite overwhelming odds he has battled incessantly and furiously. The very faults that even those on the right tut-tut about are arguably virtues for someone engaged in the fight that he is waging, and against the enemies he is fighting. His combination of bombast and insult and showmanship and humor is a giant FUCK YOU to a deeply corrupt system. And they hate him for it.

But it is also why Trump generates such intense enthusiasm among the great unwashed whom our “elites” (who are the worst elite ever) sneer at: look at the miles-long car and boat rallies, the campaign rallies with as many as 60,000 in attendance. Why? Trump tells the people the unwashed want to fuck off to fuck off. And he does it with gusto, and at every opportunity. At the end of the day, that intense enthusiasm spurred by a man who fights against whom they loathe–something the “elites” cannot comprehend, or are unwilling to comprehend–may be the thing that allows Donald Trump to defy the odds–and the establishment–a second time.

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  1. Yupppppp

    The reasons that the country stayed calm in 1876 is that 1860-65 were still fresh-and there was violence after the Civil War in southern states. In America today, we don’t have a track record of that kind of violence inside our borders. There is no history, or collective memory. The 60s are far away, and those that might remember are too old to stop violence-or tacitly are encouraging it. Bill Ayers and the boys are licking their chops. They have prepared for this day for a long time like the Fabian’s of England did from 1900-1945.

    My elite friends; PhD economists from U of C, MBA’s, JD’s; do not want violence and abhor the way Trump speaks. They are willing to ride the white tiger of the Deep State and potential socialism and trade-off to dispatch the Orange Man. They feel the opportunity costs of Orange Man are too high to pay. Like you, I think they have made a terrible miscalculation.

    The riots we saw across America this year are an amuse bouche to the left. A palate cleanser.

    In my gut, I do think Trump will pull it out. He will have to be above the margin of fraud in Pennsylvania. If you are reading this and in a swing state get your butt out and vote for Trump. And take friends with you.

    Comment by Jeffrey Carter — November 2, 2020 @ 8:14 pm

  2. I remember when the Korean community in LA came out with rifles to protect their retail property during the 1992 LA riots. They saved themselves.

    If Antifa, etc., come to riot and burn after the election tomorrow, I’d really like to see them met with an armed response.

    Antifa, etc., are a small minority who have been allowed to rampage by democratic governors and mayors who called off their cops. Those governors and mayors colluded in sedition. They should be formally accused of malfeasance in office and prosecuted for it.

    I hope determined and organized opposition emerges, and chases Antifa, etc., out of town.

    Comment by Pat Frank — November 2, 2020 @ 9:28 pm

  3. There is a term used in psychology – projection. Admittedly I don’t know much about psychology, but I do remember that term from 101. It seems to me everything the weak-kneed left accuses the President of are things they are doing and have done themselves. Apparently we are not supposed to recognize this because we have our noses in the bible and are reloading our muskets hunting the elusive and dangerous deer.

    Comment by Donald Wolfe — November 3, 2020 @ 6:55 am

  4. @Donald-Agreed. I wrote a post a few months ago titled “The Projection Election.”

    Comment by cpirrong — November 3, 2020 @ 9:25 am

  5. God Bless Jeff Carter, well said.

    Comment by Joe Walker — November 3, 2020 @ 9:27 am

  6. I hope the Orange Oaf wins – it will annoy all the right people.

    We had a General Election in Britain nearly a year ago. The leftist party led by an old booby lost. Fingers crossed.

    Comment by dearieme — November 3, 2020 @ 11:26 am

  7. Any chance you could point it out to me Prof.? I’d like to forward it to some nitwits, dimwits and/or halfwits.

    Comment by Donald Wolfe — November 3, 2020 @ 2:18 pm

  8. @Donald. Here you go.

    Comment by cpirrong — November 3, 2020 @ 5:10 pm

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