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January 12, 2013

The Boys Are Back, and They’re Lookin’ for Trouble

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The “boys” being the Dropkick Murphys. Their new CD, Signed and Sealed in Blood, came out earlier this week. I liked every tune a lot. Track-for-track the best DKM disc yet, which is saying something. Maybe not any tunes as good as their best, but every track is very, very good.

They will be in Houston at HOB on 28 February. I’ll be there, up close. Not that close. I’m only a little crazy, and the DKM mosh pit is for those bigger, younger, and a lot crazier than me. And the much more wasted.

Here’s a live version of the single release from the CD, “The Boys are Back”:

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  1. I enjoy the passion of the dim music as well,I hate it when they get political and start raving about obama

    Comment by Clz59 — January 12, 2013 @ 5:21 pm

  2. I enjoy the passion of the dkm’s music as well,I hate it when they get political and start raving about obama.

    Comment by Clz59 — January 12, 2013 @ 5:22 pm

  3. @Clz59. I hear you. (And yes, I can still hear after years of going to punk shows!) If I applied a political filter to my musical tastes I’d be limited to Pat Boone and Lawrence Welk 😛 I go for the intensity and the beat and ignore the political tint of the lyrics. The most clear indication of that: the name of the blog comes from a Lars Frederiksen song, he of course being the guitarist of Rancid, which is a notoriously left/anarchist band. I’ve also been a big Clash fan for years, and of course Joe Strummer’s politics are pretty much perfectly negatively correlated with mine.

    Thanks for your comment. Welcome to SWP.

    The ProfessorComment by The Professor — January 12, 2013 @ 8:25 pm

  4. I remember many years ago, on PBS, there was a drama about 4 Cambridge students in the late 1920s, one of which was Kim Philby. I remember one scene where one of them said (paraphrasing) “I know cricket perpetuates the class system, is capitalist, racist and bourgeois, but why does it have to be so bloody marvelous?”
    This scene always comes to mind when I enjoy the music of my youth. I know it’s leftist, amoral and nihilist, but why does it have to be so bloody marvelous.

    Comment by Gordon — January 13, 2013 @ 10:04 am

  5. I think that was “Another Country”

    Comment by Green as Grass — January 14, 2013 @ 5:39 am

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