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October 11, 2010

Show Me Chutzpah

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Back in Missouri over the weekend, I read the Kirkwood-Webster Times over coffee on Saturday.  There was an article on the Third Congressional District race between incumbent Democrat Russ Carnahan and Republican challenger Ed Martin. In a discussion of the stimulus and spending, Carnahan is quoted as saying:

In Congress, budgeting will help put us on the right path to year by year beginning to pay down this debt as our economy grows.

Yes, budgeting is an idea we can all get behind, Russ.  No.  Sorry.  Check that.  This year the Congress didn’t pass or submit a budget.  The Congress in which Carnahan is a loyal foot soldier for Nancy Pelosi, who couldn’t be bothered to put together a budget.  Heck, Congress couldn’t even pass a single appropriations bill, instead relying exclusively on continuing resolutions.

It’s pathetic enough that Congress can’t fulfill its basic obligations.  It’s even worse that Carnahan touts “budgeting” as the crucial tool to getting control over spending.  That’s chutzpah and that’s insulting.  It’s not as if Carnahan was outspoken in criticizing Congress–and his party’s leadership–for failing to pass a budget.

Carnahan’s sister, by the way, is running for Missouri’s Senate seat.  And speaking of stimulus, his brother’s company received $107 million of stimulus money for his windmill boondoggle.  I’m sure that was a complete coincidence.

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  1. This country is getting mired more and more in bureaucracy. Now you get a feel for how India used to be under the “license” raj. That was the biggest reason for thousands and thousands of smart Indians moving abroad.

    On a different, what does the prof think about the recent fore closure freezes? Looks like almost every bank out there was extremely slip shod with documentation…

    Comment by Surya — October 11, 2010 @ 8:34 pm

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