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November 9, 2007

More on Putin’s Future

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From Johnson’s Russia List Research and Analytical Supplement #40, Cal-Berkeley Professor Leonid Khotin:

Only now is it becoming clear how carefully and in what deep secrecy these plans and preparations have been made. Nevertheless, Putin may have some new surprises in store for us.

Putin has demonstrated that he will do anything in order to remain the supreme ruler of Russia. He has called his strategy “a breakthrough” and “modernization.” Prokhorov points to two examples of modernization in Russian history ­ the era of Peter the Great and the era of Stalin. It is well known that Peter is one of Putin’s favorite heroes. Nor has he ever said a bad word about Stalin, and recently he approved a school history textbook in which Stalin’s crimes are justified as historically necessary.

There are other interesting things in the article. Check it out.

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