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September 25, 2013

Kaspersky: For Sale. One Interborough Bridge. Only One Owner. Cheap.

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A few days back the WSJ ran an interview with security software expert and entrepreneur Eugene Kaspersky.  It includes several nuggets of comedy gold.  Like this:

WSJ: How would you describe your relationship with Russia’s security agencies?

Mr. Kaspersky: It’s exactly the same as with other agencies [around the world]. Maybe it was developed before we did it with other countries, because I am based here in Moscow. But technically it’s almost no different: Supporting them with investigations. They are responsible for the investigation of high-profile attacks. So we do this work for them if they don’t have their own resources.

WSJ: Do they pay you?

Mr. Kaspersky: No, it’s free. We advise them about national cybersecurity strategy. That’s the same as we do in Washington, and the same in Brussels. From time to time, we have requests about investigations, and if we find a high-profile victim in Russia, of course we also report it. That’s the same as we do in countries around the world. [High-profile victims include] ministries, governments, science, space, critical infrastructure.

There’s a difference between “free” and “voluntary.”  You know that helping out the “security agencies” in Russia is a condition for doing business, staying in business, and staying out of jail-and maybe staying alive.  And its risible  that the relationship is limited to providing advice on “national cybersecurity strategy.”  You Kaspersky users: ask yourself what other services the firm is providing the FSB for free, and then go out and get yourself a different antivirus software.

Then there’s this:

WSJ: If you were to find a Stuxnet equivalent made by Russian authorities, would you report it?

Mr. Kaspersky: Of course we would report it.

If you believe that, Mr. Kaspersky has a deal for you! A famous bridge connecting two boroughs in NYC.  Only one owner!  Cheap!

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  1. Kaspersky is a graduate of the KGB’s school of cryptography (officially called something else). He doesn’t hide his affection for the alma mater and must be a willing helper. He’d like to stamp out anonymity on the net and issue unique IDs to web users, akin to driver’s licenses. Nice guy.

    Comment by Alex K. — September 27, 2013 @ 3:45 am

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