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July 20, 2010

It Must Have Been the Heat. Yeah. That’s It.

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There’s sick, and there’s Russian sick.  (H/T Renee).  Some marketing genius thought it would be great for a parasail business at a private resort at Golubitskaya in the Krasnodar Region on the Sea of Azov  to strap a donkey to a parasail and give it a ride.  For 30 minutes.  No.  Seriously.

According to the paper, Taman, the donkey flew so high that children on the beach cried and asked their parents: ‘Why did they tie a doggy to a parachute?’

Its editor, Elena Iovleva, said: ‘The donkey landed in an atrocious manner.

‘It was dragged several metres along the water, after which the animal was pulled out half-alive onto the shore.’

The incident is stunning even for a country where animal cruelty is widespread and came as a shock to the locals, Miss Iovleva said.

Kudos to those humane individuals who rescued the poor beast from drowning.  But there is this tidbit:

‘The donkey screamed and children cried,’ Krasnodar regional police spokeswoman Larisa Tuchkova told the AFP news agency.

No-one had the brains to call police.’

Was it lack of brains, or just a testament to the fact that expecting anything constructive from the police is foolish?

Update.  Thinking about this story reminds me of de Custine’s accounts of the cruelty to animals he witnessed on his journey across Russia.

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  1. I was at this beach last Summer. No flying donkeys then, thankfully.

    This proves that there are idiots everywhere.

    Comment by Timmy — July 20, 2010 @ 3:57 pm

  2. If only they were idiots, Timmy.

    They’re a nation that put the first satellite in space and has nuclear weapons. They’re the nation with the fifth highest murder rate in the world and a proud KGB spy for president. They’re the nation that cheered when that spy attacked tiny Georgia.

    They’re a nation with no regard for individual life, human or animal, a nation that has collapsed four times in the past century alone.

    They’re Russians, not idiots, and that’s much, much worse.

    Comment by La Russophobe — July 20, 2010 @ 9:21 pm

  3. The Russian’s have nothing on the Spanish.

    Comment by Richard — July 20, 2010 @ 9:50 pm

  4. From the country of bull fighting.

    So easy to trash on others.

    Comment by Siegfried — July 20, 2010 @ 11:02 pm

  5. The main concern apart from catching the perpertrators of the cruelty this poor animal had to endure is how the donkey is and if it is in a safe place. Clearly it will be traumatised and need help. That such evil and ignorance still exists in the 21st Century and what people are capable of astounds me and I doubt this lot will be punished. We also need to find out which ‘travel’ company they were trying to advertise for and make sure no one books with them. Horrendous and evil and sick. Bottom line we need to educate the young on how animals are an integral part of the eco system and have every right to be on this planet!

    Comment by Kam — July 21, 2010 @ 2:42 am

  6. Siegfried, are you suggesting Russians have the excuse of hanging donkeys from parachutes being a centuries-old part of their national culture?

    Are you suggesting two wrongs make a right? Is it OK that your family has been murdered because other families have also been murdered, maybe losing even more members? Should the police ignore your crime because of that?

    Please try to think at least a little before you write things other people can see, otherwise it’s just embarrassing for all concerned.

    Comment by La Russophobe — July 21, 2010 @ 6:48 am

  7. I dont think it’s okay to rationalize support for an anonymously bigoted site, while speaking out against one which targets another group.

    Michael Vick isn’t the only American having been brought up on a culture accepting dog fighting. Grey Hounds who race aren’t known to be treated so well. There’s the culture of cock fighting.

    At the same time, one can find plenty of Russinas and Americans having a sincere love for anumals.

    You can take your de Custine crap and shove it you know where.

    Comment by Siegfried — July 21, 2010 @ 9:42 am

  8. Siegfried–or WTF your real name is: Like, are you serious, talking about “anonymous” sites when you don’t use your real name? And, I know with certainty that you are too gutless to even stick with the same pseudonym. You used to be “cutie pie.” Before that, you were something else. Identity issues?

    And I have no effing clue what you mean about “rationalizing support.”

    Knowing how much Custine sends russophile trolls like you into a tizzy, you may be sure I will refer to him early and often. (Not that all russophiles are trolls–but you are both.)

    And maybe I’m slow, but I don’t know where you’re referring to. Why don’t you tell me?


    The ProfessorComment by The Professor — July 21, 2010 @ 8:11 pm

  9. Lake Placid (film)

    … Jack and Hank plan to allow Florida Fish and Game to kill the crocodile when they arrive, but Hector stops them and suggests instead that he lure it out of the water and drug it. Jack reluctantly accepts the proposal and they use one of Delores’ cows, dangled from the helicopter, as bait.
    After a few hours of trying this without success, when they are about to give up the crocodile turns up and lunges at the cow. Hector pulls up, loses the cow, and crashes the helicopter into the lake. The crocodile then comes on land and attacks Jack and Kelly, and Kelly is knocked into the lake by its tail, but after some struggling she makes it to the helicopter.

    Comment by Sublime Oblivion — July 21, 2010 @ 9:26 pm

  10. I wonder where peter went? This place should be a riot by now… 🙂

    Comment by Sublime Oblivion — July 22, 2010 @ 1:43 am

  11. Along with Newman (he of a most feeble mind), “Peter” gave a great accounting of himself at this discussion:

    Comment by Siegfried — July 22, 2010 @ 3:21 am

  12. BTW, as an intellect, Pobedonostsev blows de Custine away.

    Not that I agree/condone all of his views.

    Later with trolls who erroneously call others such. Trolls who do things like hypocritically coming to the defense of an anonymous bigot, while suggestively trying to equate a non-bigoted participant in a similar light. Trolls who hypocritically blot out someone revealing the identity of someone they like, while not doing likewise in other instances. Trolls who don’t say anything against the antics of other trolls like “Peter.”

    Masturbate all you want in cyber.

    You haven’t won on the issues.

    If you’re going play rough, then expect to get it back.

    Comment by Siegfried — July 22, 2010 @ 4:46 am

  13. Look, folks. Russia has a problem with cruelty to animals. Historically they treated their animals miserably, in the past they hanged stray dogs and cats, and today they are shooting or poisoning them. Some people treat their dogs and cats horrendously, and it is common to take a puppy out the dacha in June and then just leave it there to fend for itself at the end of the season, or worse – kick it out of the car on a busy street, figuring that it will either join a pack or get picked up by someone. Most cities don’t have pounds at all, and the pounds that exist are pretty terrible.

    But if part of the population is strangling puppies, another part is saving them. There are people who have created their own “pounds” (either in apartments or in the countryside), who save street dogs and cats, and who have started websites for these rescued animals. They take them to vets, feed them, wash them, and find people to care for them until they can be adopted. (I have the best dog in the world, who was rescued on the street and put up for adoption through People who barely make ends meet are feeding dozens of strays in their courtyards every day. And most Moscow pet-owners are as nutty about their animals as anyone on the planet. People like this were horrified by the flying donkey. And these people are a kind of grass-roots force that will – I hope – change the state’s policies concerning animals.

    But, duh, you can’t change a problem that you claim doesn’t exist. Cruelty to animals does exist in Russia, and it is terribly widespread. Poor donkey!

    Comment by mossy — July 22, 2010 @ 6:08 am

  14. I wonder where peter went?

    Not to worry Sublime, I’m still here. You’ve almost convinced me to leave the poor wacko alone, should I now reconsider?

    Comment by peter — July 22, 2010 @ 6:38 am

  15. ???? ???????, by Ivan Davydov.

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    Comment by peter — July 22, 2010 @ 6:41 am

  16. Siggy. Oh, the martyrdom! The humanity!

    Don’t flatter yourself to think that I care enough about you to want to threaten or attempt to intimidate you. You must be paranoid, because nothing–nothing–I said could be remotely interpreted as an attempt to intimidate or scare you. Insult you, sure, but you asked for that.

    The anonymity. The persecution complex. A little insecure? Seek help.

    As for your other comments. Yawn. Typical loser drivel.

    Peter–I was waiting for your reappearance.

    The ProfessorComment by The Professor — July 22, 2010 @ 8:07 am

  17. I can always count on you to discomfit the apologists, Perfesser. It’s like watching slugs writhe on a hot shovel. More animal cruelty!

    And you staunch Russia defenders are missing the point by reaching for your usual moral equivalencies. The animal cruelty isn’t the most despicable thing about this episode. That honor belongs to the fact that the citizens didn’t even consider calling the authorities. Why would they? The cops’ torment of the citizenry there makes the parasailing of the donkey look tame.

    Here’s some more shame for you to consider if you can take the introspection. What if one of the scarred, crying kids on the beach had been the granddaughter of Sasha Tkachyov? That’s the governor of Krasnodar Krai. What if she had called granddad crying that “the bad men were hurting the poor donkey and it was screaming grandpa!”

    We all know what would happen then. The police would descend on those parasailing imbeciles, beat the tar out of them, and fine them out of business. But that kind of service is for the elite…commoners need not even bother.

    Your country is broken Russians. Accept it and start to fix it. Start with egregious animal cruelty…move up to real police reform when that’s taken care of m’kay?

    Comment by Swaggler — July 22, 2010 @ 9:16 pm

  18. Making a donkey parasail for 30 minutes shows that Russians are committing cruelty that no other civilized people are capable of committing.

    Imagine that the Spaniards or Latin Americans started giving parasailing sessions to, say, bulls instead of slaughtering them in cold blood in front of tens of thousands cheering fans at the corridas. That would be an outrage!

    Or if American pro athletes stopped slaughtering dogs and started making them fly up in the sky instead. How un-American!


    Michael Vick Has Paid His Debt to Society, NFL Should Reinstate Him

    Michael Vick is a despicable human being. He organized a dog fighting ring, killed dogs for fun, had his pit bulls rip apart house pets, and has very little remorse for anything other than the fact that he got caught. He’s scum. But this talk about continuing his ban from the NFL is ridiculous.

    And the most disgusting thing is that the Russian authorities immediately arrested the culprits. How disgusting! How lucky it is that the Streetwise Professor and La Russophobe found this news about the Russian authorities prosecuting offenders for flying and alerted the outraged world about this horrible crime, unheard of by American standards!

    Thanks, LR, for providing an interesting link:

    NATO expansion?

    Expansion of NATO into the ex-Soviet republics of Ukraine and Georgia appears increasingly unlikely after the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia and the sharp pro-Moscow turn in Ukraine’s leadership. Yet Clinton made a point of telling both Ukrainians and Georgians during her five-nation tour that “the door to NATO remains open.”

    Kremlin shows restraint

    Experts say the Kremlin has been a model of restraint in the face of all this because it believes the Obama administration is going through the motions of reiterating Bush-era rhetorical positions, while going ahead full-steam to improve relations with Moscow.

    “In every capital she visited, Clinton herself repeated that the US is committed to the reset of ties with Russia,” says Fyodor Lukyanov, editor of Russia in Global Affairs, a leading Moscow-based foreign policy journal.

    “In Moscow they see the Clinton visit [to Russia’s fringes] as a way of responding to domestic conservative criticism, to show that Obama doesn’t have a Russia-only policy,” he says. “So these words of Clinton’s are met with understanding here. Russian leaders believe Obama is the best possible counterpart to have in Washington, and they don’t want to do anything to undermine him.”

    Comment by Ostap Bender — July 23, 2010 @ 2:02 am

  19. Here’s some more shame for you to consider if you can take the introspection. What if one of the scarred, crying kids on the beach had been the granddaughter of Sasha Tkachyov?

    Would somebody please think of the children!! *bwawawa*

    Comment by Sublime Oblivion — July 23, 2010 @ 4:00 am

  20. Hi gentlemen,

    Those interested at yet another laugh at La Russophobe’s stupidity, should definitely read her latest article and fllow-up comments where she calls the oil refinery town of Tuapse as “an utterly charming hamlet by the sea” and made fun of Timmy when he tried to politely correct her mistake:

    EDITORIAL: In Russia’s Tuapse, a Rising
    July 20, 2010

    EDITORIAL: In Tuapse, a Rising

    This utterly charming hamlet by the sea (if you’ve not been, you should)…

    Timmy // July 21, 2010 at 11:49 am

    Taupse = “… utterly charming hamlet by the sea” . Huh? I’ve been there… a bunch of times and it’s most definitely NOT “charming.” Taupse is an small industrial seaport. Perhaps, you were thinking of Olginka (Orbita and Gamma) or Costa Rusa just up the road?

    larussophobe // July 21, 2010 at 11:55 am

    You didn’t even spell it right, cretin. So much for your “expertise” on Tuapse.

    Tuapse is a town in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. Population: 64,238. The Soviets developed Tuapse as an oil terminal and depot. An oil pipeline from Grozny and Maikop was in operation by 1928. An oil refinery dates from the same period.

    Tuapse Oil Refinery

    Tuapse refinery in the Krasnodar region has been part of Rosneft since the Company’s establishment, and is the oldest Rosneft’s refinery (commissioned in 1929). The plant has the most favorable location among Rosneft’s refineries, and is also the only Russian refinery on the Black Sea coast. The plant’s crude distillation capacity amounts to 5.0 mln tonnes (36.6 mln barrels) per year. The refinery processes crude oil from Western Siberia, which is delivered via the Transneft pipeline system, as well as crude oil produced by Rosneft in Southern Russia and delivered via the Transneft pipeline system and by rail. The plant specializes in the production of motor fuel.

    Comment by Ostap Bender — July 23, 2010 @ 8:07 am

  21. Hi Ostap, good to see you are just as much of a russophile moron annoying people on Streetwise professors site as you are everywhere else.

    And why are you so keen to defend Tim, tim, nice but dim?

    Probably because it was another one of your idiotic monikers.

    Back to the subject of Russian brutality against animals (including other Russians):

    Hazing On The Increase In The Russian Military
    MOSCOW — Russia’s Military Prosecutor’s Office says instances of hazing in the army during the first five months of 2010 have increased by 50 percent compared to last year, RFE/RL’s Russian Service reports.

    Additionally, the prosecutor’s office said on July 21 that since the beginning of 2009, 1,170 recruits have been registered as having been abused or mistreated by another service member. Four deaths have been reported.

    It said 90 percent of the attacks were committed by other recruits.

    Much of the hazing is a result of the system of “dedovshchina,” or “the rule of grandfathers,” a military initiation process that new recruits are subjected to. It entails new enlistees to submit to more experienced soldiers and military officers.

    As part of the system recruits are generally harassed, forced to do menial jobs, and often tortured by their superiors.

    The Russian military has since 2005 published statistics on the cases of injury and death resulting from “dedovshchina.”

    But many experts say the real number of those being abused is much higher than the official figures.

    The Russian military’s own numbers contradict a statement by Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, who said on July 20 that the “dedovshchina” system has been eradicated from the military.

    So there we have it, brutality, government incompetence, and the usual lies from Putins strongmen trying yo cover it up.

    Needless to say, if they can’t treat people decently it’s no wonder they abuse animals.

    In fact its so bad even RT has a word to say:

    Regardless of whether the defendant is guilty, there is little doubt that not enough is done to curb the abuse of animals in Russia. Only about 80 people a year are charged with animal cruelty across the country, about the same as in nearby Latvia, which has a population 75 times smaller than Russia’s.

    Some of the problems may lie in public attitudes.

    “Even though Russian people are very emotional, most of them don’t think about cruelty to animals as being a crime. The attitude in Russia towards animals in general is that they are treated as objects of entertainment or food,” says Elena Mauyeva, animal rights expert.

    Animal welfare is also given low priority by the police forces.

    “In Russia we don’t have a law that protects animals. The only document that we have is a small article of the Criminal Code of Russia, and police even don’t know about its existence. If they do know, they ignore it. They say they have too many investigations concerning humans,” Elena states.

    The fact that Ryzhik’s case went to court at all can be considered a triumph for the animal rights campaigners, even if the trial doesn’t find out who or what killed the dog.

    What else can we expect from a country that does not consider cannibalism or incest to be a crime?

    Comment by Andrew — July 23, 2010 @ 11:50 am

  22. How odd, La Russophobe is arguing strenuously that Tuapse is a beautiful little town foreigners should visit and The Russophiles are aruging it is a cesspool everybody should stay away from. Will wonders never cease!

    What any of this, of course, has to do with this post about cruelty to animals, only a rude, boorish spamming thug like Ostap Bender can possibly say. His insane hysterics are pretty amusing though, aren’t they? That is until you realize they are prototypical of the entire Russian nation, which stands on the precipice of collapse because of it.

    Comment by La Russophobe — July 23, 2010 @ 1:28 pm

  23. Being an idiot (or, as you like to call others “big stupid ape”), a pathological liar, a demagogue and a bigot, you simply don’t understand that normal people say things not because they fit their political agenda but because they are the truth, LR.

    Adults with developed intellects write truthfully, regardless which way it cuts. But you, being mentally hadicapped, developmentally challenged and totally knowledge-free, write whatever idiocies come to your little baby mind without any regard for truth, LR.

    Comment by Ostap Bender — July 23, 2010 @ 7:06 pm

  24. The wack job Peter incessantly trolls off topic with peronal asides, while suggesting to be the more normal of commenters. He repeatedly initiates such manner in an obvioud effort to draw attention away from the actual subjects of discussion.

    The Professor masturbates anti-Russian propaganda, while apparently seeing little wrong with such gems as Peter, Dixi and some others.

    True losers who carry on like winners.

    Comment by Siegfried — July 24, 2010 @ 12:48 am

  25. Along with Newman (he of a most feeble mind), “Peter” gave a great accounting of himself at this discussion:

    I’m pretty sure that Siegfried is none other than Mike Averko. The appalling grammar and truncated sentences give it away, plus the above comment is evidence enough that he has issues with me which predate anything on this site.

    For those of you who don’t know who Mike Averko is, he is a particularly dimwitted troll who used to frequent the English language blogs which deal with Russia, claiming expertise which he plainly does not possess.

    Comment by Tim Newman — July 24, 2010 @ 9:15 am

  26. The troll posting as Tim Newman futher reveals his lack of expertise on subjects related to Russia.

    This is clearly shown by his comments made here and elsewhere.

    It’s quite likely that he exchanges emails with other trolls like “Peter.”

    Comment by S — July 24, 2010 @ 5:07 pm

  27. Newman and “Peter” each have a penchant for chiming in on threads on matter not specifically related to the discussion, while sympathizing with some LResque views.

    Such manner is defined as being troll like in contrast to people who participant with the intent of staying on topic.

    Comment by Siegfried — July 24, 2010 @ 5:24 pm

  28. Mossy

    Cruelty to animals are by no means an exclusive issue to Russia. Points like this are made in reply to suggestions that appear (at least to some) to disproportionately highlight the negatives.

    On this subject, there’s also noticeable love and care to be found in Russia.

    The socioeconomic argument has limits, while not being completely invalid. Some of the poor are quite caring and some of the wealthy are abusive.

    It’s nevertheless far easier to be more caring in a wealthier society.

    At the Kyiv Post, anumal rights advocates in Ukraine have been answered with the question of how human conditions are in dire need of better care.

    Comment by Siegfried — July 24, 2010 @ 5:34 pm

  29. The troll posting as Tim Newman futher reveals his lack of expertise on subjects related to Russia.

    Yup, it’s Averko! Oh, this is brilliant! Hiding behind yet another sock-puppet, but cannot change the appalling yet distinctive writing style. Outted, my friend. Oh, this is going to be fun!

    Should I start by telling everybody how you considered yourself a Russian expert but could not speak or read a word of Russian and were unable to describe a single detail of any visit to Russia? Or should I mention that for a year you dismissed Marko Attila Hoare as somebody who no genuine historian would associate with before I gently pointed out that he was in fact a member of the Faculty of History of the University of Cambridge?

    Or maybe it’s time to roll out the Averkobot again?

    Oh boy, are we in for some fun! I should get Chris Doss along for the ride. 🙂

    Comment by Tim Newman — July 24, 2010 @ 10:27 pm

  30. It’s nevertheless far easier to be more caring in a wealthier society.

    Indeed, hence only the very poorest in society strap donkeys to parachutes.

    Comment by Tim Newman — July 24, 2010 @ 10:29 pm

  31. The retard Newman comes up again with idiocy unrelated to the discussion.

    Hoare is a neocon fraud, noted for extreme and very collapseable anti-Russian and anti-Serb positions.

    Unlike Nemwan, truly intelligent people don’t judge on paper credentials.

    In his very last set of comments, idiot boy Newman overlooks the acknowledgement I made about how the wealthy include elements with crass manner towards animals.

    Newman’s biggest claim to fame seems tr be his ongoing attempts at trying to appear brilliant in online forums.

    The reality is quite different from his warped sense.

    Comment by Siegfried — July 24, 2010 @ 11:49 pm

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