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May 1, 2012

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

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Nearly a century after the event, the Armenian genocide is the subject of intense controversy.  Like in Faulkner’s South, in the Caucasus “the past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

The latest example of this comes from The Republic of Georgia, where a near brawl broke out in parliament after an opposition lawmaker brought up the issue.  Last year the parliament recognized the Circassian expulsion in the late-19th century, and Armenians in Georgia are asking for similar recognition.  It is not clear from the RFE/RL piece whether the opposition deputy favors this; it appears that he is using it to tweak Saakashvili, who supported the Circassian recognition over the deputy’s objection.

Regardless, the mere raising of the issue inflamed another deputy, a man of Azeri descent:

Baghaturia’s comments drew the ire of fellow deputy Azer Suleimanov. His family’s country of origin, Azerbaijan, is a staunch ally of Turkey, which rejects the term “genocide” for the Armenian mass killings.

When Baghaturia dismissed his objections with a wave of his hand, Suleimanov angrily reached into his pocket, drew out a tube of Vaseline and flung it at Baghaturia.

What I want to know is: What is a parliamentarian doing with with a tube of Vaseline in his pocket?

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  1. The French imperialists is trying to ‘score cheap political points’ on the Armenian genocide .

    Putler , understand the litle Napoleon mentality. They share a combination of business acumen (interest in ambitious business projects) and a desire to assert the greatness of their countries. Indeed,Mini-Napoleon – Sarkozy’s policy with regard to Russia was marked by two milestones: his role in bringing to an end the Five-Day War and the sale to Russia of Mistral-class helicopter carriers. Both were historic landmarks of Treason against a little defenseless democratic country Georgia .

    Georgia’s military is the smallest among those of the South Caucasus states. Its ground forces, air
    force, and national guard numbered 20,655 at the beginning of 2011. There were also 5,400
    border guards and 6,300 Interior (police) Ministry troops. Most of the ground forces and air force
    personnel are on contracts and a minority are conscripted

    Comment by Anders — May 1, 2012 @ 11:18 am

  2. Many lip balms are effectively petroleum jelly with various additives. Vaseline Lip Therapy actually is pretty much straight Vaseline.

    Comment by Sam P — May 1, 2012 @ 6:21 pm

  3. I’d say he cares more than others, this chap. Most politicians shaft their electorate without lubing them up first. Some, like Gordon Brown, deliberately put sand in the Vaseline.

    Comment by Tim Newman — May 1, 2012 @ 11:14 pm

  4. […] was a genocide before […]

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  5. “What is a parliamentarian doing with with a tube of Vaseline in his pocket?”

    To ease the passage of legislation.

    Comment by Down With This Sort Of Thing — May 2, 2012 @ 12:08 pm

  6. as an Armenian but strong supporter of Georgia and United Caucasus and someone that most certainly knows history, I must say to comments that are against Armenians pick up a book (lets forget all facts and evidence collected and that any self respecting individual would acknowledge) “The Forty Days of Musa Dagh” by Franz Werfel (1890 – 26 August 1945) was an Austrian novelist, not an Armenian) – its a big book without many pictures but you might mange it due to violence described in it.
    for my highly respected Streetwise Professor, Georgian’s, Armenian’s and Azeri’s are helpless against power north of them that will never allow these 3 nations to resolve any of their so called issues “divide and concur is what drives their politics for centuries, Georgia will never be able to recognize Armenian genocide as long as Turkey is an ally of US. certainly you know this, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention as I must say to you that there is going to be unification of Caucasian nations soon and they will coexist with Turks even if they don’t learn to except past mistakes. for this we need strong Georgia, forgiving Armenia, cooperative Azerbaijan and willing Turkey. If US wants this to happen they will make it work – the only obstacle to this is putin.
    as for vaseline … i can think of few things to say but will not :)))

    Comment by ALLA WAGNER — May 7, 2012 @ 5:21 pm

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