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October 12, 2012

Happy Sorcerer’s Apprentice Day: Frankendodd Now Rules

So today, 12 October, 2012, is the day when many Frankendodd rules go into effect.  Swap dealer registration for instance: but not position limits!

Yes.  848 pages of legislation (or 2319 pages, depending on how you count)-where commas matter-that spawned thousands of pages of rules (over 9k as of July, and where commas will also matter) that will spawn thousands more pages of interpretations, no action letters, legal rulings, etc.  All in an attempt to re-engineer a devilishly complex, interconnected financial system.  A system that will not stand still, but which will change in response to the law and the regulations, thereby producing myriad unintended consequences.

I’m sure it will turn out just swell.  Timmy! and GiGi and their successors have everything under control.  They’re from the government and there to help you!  Trust them on this!  Don’t you worry your pretty little head over it.

JK.  In reality, Mickey Mouse (how appropriate) gives you a better idea of how things are likely to turn out.

I fearlessly predict that the next financial crisis will follow directly from Frankendodd. It is a monster, which like Frankenstein’s, will escape its master’s control and wreak havoc. Mark my words.

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