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September 6, 2018

Carter Page’s Good Deed Was Punished: Will the Same be True of the FBI’s Bad Deeds?

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Paul Sperry reports the least surprising news evah: the FBI omitted crucial details about Carter Page’s involvement with (convicted) Russian spies, including the fact that they thought he was an “idiot” when applying for a FISA warrant on Page.

This is my shocked face.

But Sperry doesn’t note two other facts that make this even more damning.

First after two of their operatives had been caught three years before, they would have gone back and tried to identify everyone they had interacted with.  Everyone.  They surely would have identified Page, not least because the statement of an FBI agent filed with the court in February, 2015 contained details that would have led them to identify Page as “Male-1.”  Further, since the filing states that the FBI had interviewed “Male-1”, the Russians would have known that Page had cooperated with the FBI.

So this is a guy they are going to use as part of a clandestine scheme to bribe Donald Trump?  Not in several thousand lives of the universe.   They would have considered him a threat, not an opportunity.

The only way they would have used Page is to try to pass disinformation back to US intelligence.

Failing to detail Page’s full involvement with the prosecution and conviction of the Russian agents was therefore another crucial omission from the FISA warrant application.  Given this information, Page’s plausibility as a Russian agent would have been zero.

Second, Sperry doesn’t remind us that after failing in its first try to get a FISA warrant on Page, a dossier report miraculously appears which contains the account of a meeting in which Sechin supposedly offered Trump, via Page, a stake in Rosneft.  Presented with the new “information” of Page’s deep ties with the Russians, et voila!, the court issues the warrant.

This makes it highly likely–certain, in my view–that Steele was a short order cook serving up made-to-order material intended to advance the anti-Trump campaign.  His–and the FBI’s/DOJ’s.

The FBI’s cynicism here is off the charts, and appalling.  Carter Page helps them out in an investigation of Russian spies.  But Peter Strzok and his fellow badged gangsters saw that Page was now useful in their attempt to sabotage Trump, so they viciously twisted his previous cooperation with them into evidence of connivance with Russian intelligence by leaving out the crucial details of his cooperation, the Russian views of him, and the likely Russian knowledge of him.

Moral of the story? Support your local sheriff, perhaps, but the FBI–you’d be a complete fool to do so, because they will F*** you sideways when it is in their interest to do so.  Page is the poster boy for “no good deed goes unpunished.”

Carter Page should have a massive civil rights case against the US government, and the individuals who lied and conspired to deprive him of his 4th Amendment right against unlawful search and seizure–Strzok, McCabe, Comey, Yates, and others.  And quite frankly, it should be a class action lawsuit, including in the class everyone who was surveilled, or whose communications were read, pursuant to the Page warrant.

Let’s hope that the karma for Page’s punishment for good deeds will far more draconian punishment of those who committed bad deed after bad deed when using Carter Page to achieve their sordid goals.


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  1. For anyone thinking of cooperating with the FBI and believing their ‘promises’ of aid and assistance after the fact in exchange for ‘fessing up etc …

    I am put in mind of the wise and corpulent Red Indian Chief, sitting cross-legged in a powwow with the braves – as he appeared on TV westerns in my (sadly distant) youth.
    In a deep, sonorous and measured voice, he intones … “white man speak with forked tongue…”
    I know there are many Asian- and African-American FBI agents but the same cautionary voice applies double to them … ‘cos they’re trying to be whiter than white. See?

    As for how Russian intelligence may rationally and reasonably choose to act … a little note of skepticism is in order. Remember Anna Chapman and the other goofball sleepers? Well, there are probably as many clowns employed by the FSB or GRU as you’ll find in the nooks and crannies of the CIA or MI6. Lots of people in those agencies aren’t exactly high-fliers; they’re working there ‘cos their dad or grandad once did service in the cause of Mother Russia in selfsame agency.

    And the thing about VVP. He gets up out of the bed just like you and me. And if he gets out of the wrong side of the bed, he too, is capable of working off a bad mood by ordering an assassination … even if on another day, he might think better of it.
    Of course, ordinary mortals like me have to work off our bad moods not by ordering hits on traitors and enemies but by trolling the ‘other side’ 🙂

    Comment by Simple Simon — September 8, 2018 @ 10:31 am

  2. The FBI couldn’t find water if they fell out of a boat. This is not the first time they’ve used the press to make up a story line to bolster their inept activities. The same thing happened in Waco. Now on to the ‘if I were Trump’. After Mueller is done fishing, the FBI would be disbanded. They would all be removed from LEO duties and given their outright release. Yes, I know that many of them are diligent and honest. Sadly, the rot is at the top, and when the top is cut down, who would be brought in to salvage the rest? We existed as a nation for many years without a national police force, I’m fine with going back to that. If the states want to bring a federal charge to the DOJ and have the AG prosecute that’s fine. But – the FBI no longer is useful in the investigation job. Their track record warrants a complete dismissal. If Trump then wants some kind of national police force, use the SS, or the US Marshals. Just call the FBI a cautionary tale of giving badges and arrest power to incompetents and political operatives. I would rather have interstate anarchy than the FBI.

    Comment by doc — September 17, 2018 @ 11:12 am

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