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January 30, 2015

Can We Hang On For Two More Years?

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In recent days, the administration has looked like a cornered rat, scurrying back and forth to escape a predicament of its own making, trapped by its previous policies and words.

It began when the administration was questioned about the Jordanian negotiations with ISIS to exchange an imprisoned terrorist for their pilot shot down last year. Obama spokesman Eric Schultz implicitly criticized the Jordanians by reiterating the US position of not negotiating with terrorists. This led ABC’s Jonathan Karl to ask what was the difference between what the Jordanians were attempting, and what the US did to secure the release of Bo Bergdahl from the Taliban. Well, Schultz replied, the Taliban aren’t terrorists: they’re an armed insurgency.

The administration’s discomfort was only elevated by leaks that the Army was about to charge Bergdahl with desertion. Although the Army vehemently denied it, the denial had a “depends on the meaning of is” aspect to it. The story said he was about to be charged: the Army’s huffy denial said he hadn’t been charged yet. There are rumors of a dog war under the carpet between the administration and the Pentagon: Obama wants to avoid in the worst way the embarrassment of trading Taliban members for a deserter. The awkwardness of Obama’s position was made even worse by news that at least one of those exchanged was attempting to get back into fighting the US.

And things took a bloody turn when the Taliban claimed credit for a Green-on-Blue attack in Kabul that killed three Americans.

Again: Not Terrorism!!!!!!! Watch spokesweasel Jennifer Psaki refuse to “label” the Taliban. Because labels can be self-fulfilling. Or something. One Democratic analyst said the administration doesn’t want to call the Taliban terrorists because then they won’t negotiate with us. As if the Taliban give a damn what we call them. The problem in Obama’s eyes is if we call them terrorists we can’t negotiate with them.

And tell me. If they aren’t terrorists, just why are we droning them?

The new Taliban ain’t terrorists line clashes loudly with Obama’s previous pronouncements. Remember when he declared Afghanistan “a war of necessity”? Precisely because of Taliban participation in and support of terrorism against the US:

By moving forward in Iraq, we’re able to refocus on the war against al Qaeda and its extremist allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan. That’s why I announced a new, comprehensive strategy in March — a strategy that recognizes that al Qaeda and its allies had moved their base from the remote, tribal areas — to the remote, tribal areas of Pakistan. This strategy acknowledges that military power alone will not win this war — that we also need diplomacy and development and good governance. And our new strategy has a clear mission and defined goals: to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al Qaeda and its extremist allies.

In the months since, we have begun to put this comprehensive strategy into action. And in recent weeks, we’ve seen our troops do their part. They’ve gone into new areas — taking the fight to the Taliban in villages and towns where residents have been terrorized for years. They’re adapting new tactics, knowing that it’s not enough to kill extremists and terrorists; we also need to protect the Afghan people and improve their daily lives. And today, our troops are helping to secure polling places for this week’s election so that Afghans can choose the future that they want.

But I forgot. Al Qaeda is on the run.

And then there’s this reminder that another of Obama’s interlocutors, Iran, has been neck deep in killing Americans for decades. Very interesting time to leak a story about the assassination seven years ago of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah bastard who was behind the Marine Barracks bombing in 1983, and numerous other terror attacks, isn’t it?

Also rather embarrassing was the fact that a few days after the State Department hosted some Muslim Brotherhood members complaining about the Egyptian government, that the Muslim Brotherhood in that country calls for “a long, uncompromising jihad.”

Terror is exploding around the world, with Americans being killed in Libya and Saudi Arabia not just Afghanistan. Iraq and Syria are nightmares. But Obama’s big initiatives-a deal with Iran, getting out of Afghanistan, depend on the fiction that the war on terrorism has been won. So the administration dissolves into utter incoherence, refusing to call spades spades, and denying things that are as plain as day.

Can we hang on for two more years of this? The butt ends of second terms are usually dreary, but this one could be downright dangerous.

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  1. SWP…I agree that these last two years could be downright dangerous. They are already proving so.
    What could happen? More big government. Allowing other nations to control the Internet is an example. Turning over sovereignty to international bodies is another.
    In Common Core, there is already the groundwork for subverting and rewriting the Constitution. Just check their ‘re-education camp’ curriculum for the second amendment.
    He is not going to allow Israel to breath. Although he despises all of our allies, he can’t be frank about it, only passive aggressive. He will undermine Israel and Netanyahu is serious and dangerous ways.
    He probably already has operatives working against Netanyahu in Israel,now that the Congress has invited him to speak. Calling Netanyahu ‘chickenshit’ is not enough.
    His address in June 2009 to the Muslim Brotherhood in attendance was a clear sign that he supported their ouster of Mubarek. Morsi campaigned on the promise that he would accomplish the retrun of the Blind Sheik. Now, where would Morsi get that idea, unless signaled by BHO? Makes you wonder about the absurd lies about Benghazi…what would be so dangerous that an overt lying campaign was necessary to distract everytone from the truth.
    And imagine BHO’s chagrin at the toppling of Morsi!
    So I expect Presidential pardons for the Blind Sheik, Bergdahl and Mumia for starters.
    He will also grab for your money before he leaves. I think the ‘MyIRA’ idea is the trojan horse. he will move to make more restrictions on how you much you save, and the products that you can use to save, all to increase government control of retirement accounts.
    The real father of ‘Dreams of My Father’ is Franklin Marshall Davis, a committed Communist. So his dreams are Marxism. Thus anything that you could imagine the biggest America-hater doing with the power of the Presidency is probably on his agenda.

    Comment by Richard Whitney — February 2, 2015 @ 9:08 pm

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