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September 13, 2008

Calm Before the Storm

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This afternoon’s blogging–and presumably this evening’s blogging to come–comes from a hotel room in College Station, TX, whence I have decamped in anticipation of Hurricane Ike which is barreling down on Houston. Although the storm will certainly hit College Station, (a) it will be less intense this far inland than in my Houston neighborhood, and (b) it gives me an opportunity to spend some time with my eldest daughter, a student at Texas A&M.

The primary reaction at this stage is a sense of unreality. The weather is still beautiful here, and there is an air of normalcy with people going about their business around 12 hours before the storm is expected to hit here. Having little idea of what to expect (and I think that even veterans of earlier storms don’t know exactly what to expect with any particular hurricane), I am just taking a fatalistic, wait-and-see attitude. Que sera, sera.

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