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September 19, 2009

Black Humor Break

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Noted humanitarian and business ethicist Igor Sechin has pronounced on the cause of the Sayano-Shushanskaya dam disaster:

“There is something wrong with corporate ethics here,” Sechin told journalists late yesterday in Abakan, capital of the Khakassia region of Siberia where OAO RusHydro’s Sayano- Shushenskaya station is located. “RusHydro needs to address this issue and probably certify its personnel on ethics.”

Pardon me while I gag.  For Igor Sechin to lecture anybody on corporate ethics is the height of chutzpah.  Indeed, it’s Orwellian.  One can only imagine Khodorkovsky’s thoughts upon hearing this.

But maybe Sechin is onto something.  In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, Putin stated that a nationwide campaign of infrastructure safety inspection was desperately needed.  The logical inference from Sechin’s remark is that he believes that no, a nationwide campaign of ethics inquiries and instruction is needed instead.

This is quite true, but it would be a labor that would daunt even Hercules.  Cleaning the Augean Stables in a day would be a picnic by comparison.

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