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February 1, 2011

Beyond Satire

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What passes for law enforcement in Russia is held in very low repute.  But the traffic police are especially loathed for their venality and corruption.  So who does Medvedev appoint to be Russia’s head of transportation security?  Why, the head of the nation’s traffic police, of course.  (The fact that there is a national head of traffic police speaks volumes.)

Medvedev told Viktor Kiryanov: “To work!”

Uhm, work at what, exactly?  Improving the shakedown skills of airport security personnel?  From what I understand, they’re pretty good at that already.

And just what, pray tell, does traffic policing and road safety have to do with securing airports and railway stations from terrorist attack?

Kiryanov is apparently a little safety challenged himself, having struck a woman with his car.  No charges filed, natch.

The otherworldliness of this appointment defies comment.

Well, maybe one comment.  A friend told me now all terrorists need to do is put flashing blue lights on their vehicles and they’ll be able to travel anywhere at will.  That sounds about right.

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