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March 24, 2011

Alphonse and Gaston Do Kinetic Military Action

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I remember reading a story (which I can’t track down with things at hand) in which an anxious aide went to Napoleon with the news that another nation had joined a coalition against France.  Rather than being dismayed, Napoleon said (I’m quoting from memory): “Excellent.  My success is now assured.”

To put it differently, although diplomats and many politicians swoon over alliances and coalitions, the attitude of military commanders is far more ambivalent–and often dubious and dismissive.  That’s because although coalitions may bring numbers, and sometimes signal that the war is not intended to advance a particular nation’s interests, they are often antithetical to military success.

Coalition action is often contrary to the principles of war.  Most notably, it is often devastating to unity of command.  Sometimes, through great effort in the face of an existential, total struggle, as with the UK and US in WWII, these problems can be managed and overcome.

That is definitely not the case today.  The current coalition attacking Libya is a catastrophe.  An absolute catastrophe.  Nobody wants to lead; the natural leader of the coalition, the US, is most anxious not to.  It is an insult to Alphonse and Gaston to compare these efforts to the cartoon Frenchmen’s mutual deference.  Everybody has different ideas regarding objective.  Everybody is saying something different.  Differences in opinion are fracturing one of the most successful and enduring alliances in history (NATO).

What’s more, this incoherence and lack of leadership is having corrosive effects on other crucial military principles.  Most notably–the objective.  Who knows what that is?  And with no well-defined objective, military force is being employed in a diffuse and scattered way–contrary to the principle of mass.  Moreover, the least-common-denominator tendencies inherent in a coalition mean that the most timorous tend to exert disproportionate influence–contrary to the principle of the offensive.

The most likely outcome of this exercise in how-not-to-run-a-military campaign is a protracted stalemate between a weak but intensely focused dictator fighting for survival and a gaggle of rag-tag militias backed up by squabbling powers with a bad case of the Jupiter Complex.  And it is difficult to see how a stalemate will alleviate a humanitarian catastrophe, which is the ostensible purpose of this operation.  Indeed, as Wretchard writes, it is more likely to create or exacerbate such a disaster.

Some other Napoleonic advice is apropos here: “If you start to take Vienna, take Vienna.”  Dithering about with no leadership, no direction, no objective, and no decisive use of military power makes things worse, not better.  You don’t get points for high-minded intentions if your actions wreak havoc.  Obscuring intentions and actions in a fog of asinine euphemisms doesn’t change the realities.  If you start to take down Khaddafy, take down Khaddafy.  Otherwise, shut the hell up and stay the hell home.  Half-assed half measures get people killed for no good purpose, and all the Nobel Peace Prizes in the world do not change that brutal fact.

Another piece of Napoleonic wisdom was also ignored: “The reason I beat the Austrians is that they did not know the value of five minutes.”  Obama et al wasted five weeks, not a mere five minutes.  What’s being done now might have been decisive five weeks ago–but no longer.

Obama and his people yammer about shaping the conditions.  They are shaping conditions, all right–for a debacle.

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  1. Limbaugh introduced a word he found in the dictionary that clearly suits this situation and Obama…

    OBAMULATE: (obamulation) to wander around, hither, and dither through life with no direction

    He claimed it is in Webster’s dictionary, but I don’t have one laying around to check. OBAMULATE… coincidence? Seems that’s exactly what Mr. Change is doing in Libya… OBAMULATING!

    Also… is KMA replacing WTF? lol… may be construed: “Kiss My Ass” instead of “What The F***”!!!!!

    Comment by jaVrick — March 24, 2011 @ 12:04 pm

  2. I agree. There are two sensible courses of action.

    1. All-out war against Lybia, with the objective of killing or capturing Gadaffi and his inner circle.

    2. Do nothing except facilitate the flight into European and American exile of several hundred thousand dissident Lybians.

    Obama hopes that setting off some high tech ordnance and flying some high tech aircraft, will so inimidate Gadaffi that he will knuckle under. Fat chance. We made this mistake in Vietnam, in Iraq War II, and in Afghanistan. Each time the black pyjama Third Worlders simply did not knuckle under even though they were fighting a superpower.

    Comment by Roger — March 26, 2011 @ 1:02 am

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