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August 23, 2008

A Housekeeping Announcement

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With the wonderful assistance of Dana at my webhost, Andrew Lehman Design, I have upgraded from the prehistoric version of WordPress that I had been using since SWP started to the shiny new version 2.6.1.   The primary impetus for the upgrade was comment spam, and the new version of WordPress has much better spam filtering capabilities. As a result, I should be able to manage comments more efficiently.

The downside–in the transition process, all previously approved comments disappeared.   No, it’s not some crafty plot to consign some of you pesky critics to the memory hole, so the more hair-triggered of you, don’t get your drawers all knotted up over this.   Stuff happens.

I do have most (and perhaps all) approved comments from registered users saved in the emails that were sent to me.   I would be glad to take the effort to repost those comments if you request.   Just submit a comment to this post requesting that I do so, and I will.

Dana also helped out with a couple of other things.   The site should be more readable now as she’s adjusted the type spacing.     Also, the text editor now allows me to configure posts so that links open in new windows.

Feel free to provide other suggestions on how to improve the site.

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