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July 30, 2023

A Coda On Benavides Justice

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One of the crimes Hunter surely should be on the hook for is violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA.

Now, FARA is a classic example of a Benavides Hammer: it is employed selectively, only against regime enemies (e.g., Paul Manfort, Rudy Giuliani’s partners, associates of Michael Flynn, and now Biden accuser Gal Luft), but never against its friends. Hence, it is a law that should be eliminated. That said, its highly selective application illustrates perfectly the politicization of justice in the United States.

The Luft prosecution is particularly astounding given that (a) it occurred shortly after he leveled accusations against Biden père et fils, and (b) it involved work on behalf of a Chinese company–CEFC–from which Luft received chump change, and Hunter received millions. Indeed, it is the company that Hunter was shaking down when he claimed that his father was sitting at his side. Luft’s crime?: arranging for the placement of an op-ed.

So Luft violated FARA, but Hunter didn’t? Sure! Pull the other one! It plays Jingle Bells!

Of course, a FARA prosecution of Hunter would be particularly threatening to Joe, for it would open doors for questioning whom Hunter was “lobbying.” Can’t have that now, can we?

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  1. Whatever about your general point regarding FARA, Gal Luft only started making public claims about Biden in July – well AFTER jumping bail on arms trafficking charges back in February and AFTER he was subsequently also indicted on the foreign agent charges.

    Of course, his July claim is that he gave the FBI information about Biden years ago – but weirdly told NOBODY else about it nor documented it anywhere in the intervening 4 years nor has produced this evidence nor shared it with anyone (now that it could possibly help him) – none of this makes any sense. What makes sense is that someone realises they are in deep deep doodoo and is trying to recast himself as a martyr and “victim” of a DoJ conspiracy – knowing that there are plenty of people out there whose critical faculties seem to shut down with the mention of the name Biden.

    Comment by derriz — August 6, 2023 @ 4:20 pm

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