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August 30, 2012

More Encroachment, Please!

Corruptocrat Jon Corzine is whining about the MF Global Bankruptcy Trustee’s decision to assist customers who lost money as a result of the MFers in their attempts to recoup their losses by suing Corzine and other executives of the firm:

Corzine, along with other current and former MF executives, filed an objection in court on Wednesday arguing that their ability to defend themselves would be hurt if trustee James Giddens is allowed to assign his legal claims to plaintiffs in existing cases.

The executives are defendants in multiple lawsuits accusing them of mismanaging the firm and playing a role in its October 2011 collapse.

“Nothing in the Bankruptcy Code authorizes such limitations on the objectors’ rights and defenses or an enlargement of the trustee’s rights,” lawyers for Corzine and the other executives wrote in documents filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan.

If allowed to join the customer cases, Giddens would have the right to limit the information and documents available to the executives through discovery, as well as dictate which documents the executives would turn over to plaintiffs, lawyers for Corzine and the other executives wrote.

Sorry.  I’m getting all choked up.   Hard to type through the tears.

JK.  MF him.

It looks like Corzine is going to skate on criminal charges, as in a reversal of usual procedure prosecutors appear to be focusing on low level employees, and not as a way of getting at bigger-and rotten-fish like Corzine.  (I’m sure that he’s a made man in the Democratic Party and a big fundraiser for Obama has absolutely nothing to do with that.)

Given that, one can only hope that he spends a good part of the rest of his life in civil legal torments, and ends up coughing up large sums to the injured customers who he victimized.  For regardless of his culpability in diverting segregated customer funds, his recklessness was the proximate cause of their losses: his ill-judged and ill-designed (i.e., improperly funded) bet on PIIGS debt put the firm in the straits that led someone to consider it necessary to take money that wasn’t the firm’s in a vain attempt to save it.  Moreover, even if he did not give the order to use seg funds, it happened under his watch: the choice is between scienter and negligence.  It still stuns me that a guy who was head of a major clearing firm claimed ignorance of the mechanics of the clearing process.  I guess he was too busy figuring out how to gamble his firm to resurrection.

So encroach away, Mr. Giddens!  Rough justice perhaps, but that’s exactly the kind Corzine deserves.

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