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Streetwise Professor

April 22, 2012

More on San Jacinto

Filed under: History — The Professor @ 9:02 pm

Sgt. Mom at Chicagoboyz has a very good post detailing the history of the Texas War of Independence and the climactic Battle of San Jacinto. ┬áIt is edifying reading, though I’m sure its meaning will be lost on certain of you who cannot distinguish between a truly inspiring story of a struggle for independence and revanchist and paranoid nationalist rantings.

As a postscript, given the link to the Scott Miller song about Sam Houston, I was going to title yesterday’s post “Say Ho” but I thought that would be misleading by causing people to think I was writing about the Secret Service.

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  1. The site is a monument of a great victory, but also the site of a great tragedy – no I am not going on about oppressed minorities blah blah blah as I sip a mocha latte supreme and cash another check from my mother – but of the closing of the San Jacinto Inn: home of goumands and the soon to be morbidly obese where downing 2-4 dozen oysters at a sitting was common in the pre cholesterol 70′s. They were not served in vain!

    Comment by sotos — April 23, 2012 @ 6:08 am

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